Next Production Revolution – OECD

And continuing with OECD activities, here is the outline of a new project on the Next Production Revolution:

The objective of the OECD work on the ‘Next Production Revolution’ in 2015-2016 is to examine and better understand the pathways – both technological and non-technological – of future prospects for growth, innovation and productivity across the economy. The ambition is to better understand the key structural changes in both manufacturing and services that could occur and assess the implications these technological changes and the resulting business dynamics will have for a wide range of policies. The work does not aim to forecast what will happen in the future as this is an impossible task in a world characterised by increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, and complexity. The aim is rather to formulate robust policy recommendations on how economies can fully benefit from the emerging new opportunities, and prepare for the challenges of the next production revolution.

I should point out that this project shares the basic viewpoint of the recent NAE report on Making Value for America: Embracing the Future of Manufacturing, Technology, and Work (see my earlier posting on Engineers who get it) — that one of the major factors in the new I-Cubed (Information, Innovation, Intangible) Economy is the fusion of manufacturing and services.

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