Webinar on IP and Intangible Capital

On Wednesday, January 21 at 11:00 EST I will be presenting a webinar with Mary Adams on “Maximizing IP Value
(through understanding intangible capital)
“. The webinar is being hosted by the IP consulting group Oxfirst and is open to the public. You can register here at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2293074742946252802.
As readers of this blog know, intellectual property (IP) is a critical strategic asset for corporations. But there are enormous differences in the value of IP stemming from the ecosystem that supports commercialization of the IP. What are the elements of the IP ecosystem? Can they be modeled and measured? The answer is yes. This webinar will introduce basic concepts about how to model, measure and maximize the potential of IP through a sound broader ecosystem of intellectual capital (IC). We will explore how a broader understanding of IC creates a richer and deeper understanding of the value of IP. As part of the presentation, open source tools will be provided to help participants implement these concepts in their own businesses.
I hope you can joins us — and share your stories and case examples of how IP connects to IC.
For more background, see my IAM Magazine article on “From IP to IC: why intangible capital matters.”


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