Revised 2Q 2014 GDP again has higher intangible investments.

The latest (third) revised estimate of economic growth in the 2nd quarter of 2014 again shows a slight upward revision. BEA now estimates that GDP grew by 4.6% in the 2nd quarter rather than the 4.2% previously estimated. The revision was in line with economists’ expectations. The upward revision was due to a higher estimate in the growth of business investments in intellectual property products (IPP). Investments in IPP are now estimated to have grown by 5.5% rather than the previous estimate of 4.4% (and of 3.5% in the first estimate).
The growth in investments in IPP has been averaging 4.1% over the past year. This high level of investment underscores the importance of these investments to economic growth. And this progressively higher estimation of IPP investments as new data is received highlights the importance of understanding these investments for public policy making.
IPP percent 2Q14 -3rd.png


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