And how intangible make the US a good place to locate

And in another story, here is a great example of why the new model of manufacturing and innovation will revitalize US industry (Motorola to open Tex. factory):

Motorola Mobility officials said they see significant business logic to having a factory close to the engineers who are designing a new flagship smartphone and the customers they hope will buy it. Officials say it aids innovation while allowing for leaner inventories and lower shipping costs.
“Doing that work of actually assembling the phone close to home will allow us to fix things faster, innovate faster,” said Dennis Woodside, chief executive of Motorola Mobility, a division that was bought by Google last year for $12.5 billion.

Close relations and tight links between engineers, manufacturing and customers — sound like a key relationship intangible asset. This is what is driving competitive advantage — not what some politicians claim about low regulation and “business environment”.

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