Database on national statistics on intangible assets

For all you data geeks out there, an international group of researchers has put together a cross-country intangible investment data website based on the Corrado, et al. framework (see the latest version Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio and Massimiliano Iommi, (2012), “Intangible Capital and Growth in Advanced Economies: Measurement Methods and Comparative Results.”) The data comes from work of the EU’s INNODRIVE project (Intangibles and Innovation), the COINVEST project and The Conference Board.
Note that the data relies on existing sources of government and private sector data. That data can be difficult to obtain and not completely internationally comparable in some cases. For example, the EU collects data on investments in apprenticeship programs; the US apparently does not. Analysis using data from existing sources has shown the importance of intangible assets. We now need more attention to data collection — maybe along the lines of the various OECD statistical manuals (such as the Frascati Manual for R&D data and the Oslo Manual for innovation data). How about a Washington Manual for intangibles data?
BTW – the Corrado report cited about opens with the Bernanke quote from our New Building Blocks conference in May 2011. The issue of data was one of many topics discussed at the conference. For conference reports, see Intangibles Conference Report September 2011, and New Building Blocks for Jobs and Economic Growth: Intangible Assets as Sources of Increased Productivity and Enterprise Value — Conference Observations. These reports and other conference documents are available at the New Building Blocks Forum.

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