Fix the Dome

It dominates the Washington skyline. It is the symbol of representative democracy. And it is leaking. And dangerous. And Congress can’t get its act together to fix the Capitol Dome.
In the middle of the Civil War – when the nation’s very existence was called into question – Abraham Lincoln committed valuable resources from the war effort to finish building the Capitol Dome. As pictured below during Lincoln’s first inaugural, work on the Dome began in 1855 and was still underway at the beginning of the war. Some questioned the appropriateness of continuing with the project. But Lincoln said finishing the Dome was “a sign we intend the Union shall go on.”
Are we now in the process of ignoring Lincoln’s wisdom? Have we paralyzed and shrunk government so far that Congress can’t even fix its own roof? That we can’t invest in one of the most important symbols of democracy? What does that say about our ability to invest in other important activities?

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