Select tweets 7/16/12 – 7/22/12

Select tweets and retweets from the past week:
15 Jul john seely brown ‏@jseelybrown
Is higher education prepared for this emerging movement/disruption? I hope so.
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16 Jul Gensler ‏@GenslerOnCities
What factors determine growth trajectories of individual cities? UK study of cities in 1901 breaks it down.
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16 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
Economist: America’s economy: Points of light versus WSJ: Plains, Midwest Can’t Lift U.S. Economy
16 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
WSJ: Next 3-D Frontier: Printed Plane Parts Real breakthrough will be making things that can’t currently be made.
16 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
Is the Job Market Suffering from a Skills Gap? : The New Yorker … via @NewYorker
16 Jul n Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
Lifeguard’s ordeal is parable about outsourcing Really more about the dangers of Fordist/Taylorist approach to services
17 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
ForeignPolicy: Why the future of manufacturing is in America – not China But will robots & 3D printing produce jobs?
17 Jul Leslie Ziegler ‏@lesliejz
Design Thinking has its own documentary, featuring IDEO’s David Kelley and other pioneers (thanks, @GHideas)
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17 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
Nat Academy of Science: Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century:
17 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
BBC News: Who ‘likes’ my Virtual Bagels? An experiment in internet advertising.
17 Jul IAM magazine ‏@IAM_magazine
If #IP really is a new currency, how can we know what it is worth?
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17 Jul Jonathan Low ‏@jondlow
Knowledge Capitalism
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18 Jul David Wessel ‏@davidmwessel
Can better use of info technology help slow the rise in college tuition? Just might. My column
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18 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
WSJ: Some U.S. Firms Move to ‘Reshore’ MIT study shows trend: protect IP and be closer to customer (key intangibles).
18 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
Top Universities Test the Online Appeal of Free The continued rise of an alternate form of higher education
19 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
Two views on Galaxy v. Ipad: UK via WSJ and US via Wash Post
19 Jul Clyde Prestowitz ‏@clydeprestowitz
What the Candidates Should Do About U.S. Manufacturing via @HuffPostBiz
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19 Jul Mary Adams ‏@maryadamsICA
Must-see from #TEDxBoston: Andrew McAffee talking about technology, jobs and innovation–incredibly scary and exciting
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19 Jul Jim Spohrer ‏@JimSpohrer
Civilization rapid-rebuild starter-kit Prelude to new integrated engineering discipline
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19 Jul IAM magazine ‏@IAM_magazine
Close to $19 billion of #patent deals done in last 12 months, says Business Week. But be careful with those numbers!
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20 Jul Ken Jarboe ‏@IntangibleEcon
NYT: The Trouble With Online Education A UVA professor’s defense of the face-to-face (yes even large lectures).

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