Thoughts on the JOBS Act and policy experimentation

The recently passed JOBS Act continues to draw commentary. Below is a sampling of some of the various views (some old, some new). Frankly, I remain skeptical of both the praise and dispraise. As I noted before, JOBS Act should be viewed as a regulatory experiment. The SEC is in process of writing the guidelines to implement that Act. I am sure that all sides of the debate will be weighing in on these regulations. As that process moves forward, there is an opportunity for the entrepreneurial community to step up and change the way Washington (and government in general) works. Think of the Act as a start-up. Let’s create some new mechanisms for measuring success and for learning from (and correcting the problems created by) any failures. That, in and of itself, would be a major accomplishment.
HBR Blog: two sides:
The Road to Crowdfunding Hell
Don’t Abandon Crowdfunding — Manage It
NY Times Deal Professor: From Congress, a Law Befitting a Sausage Factory.
Fast Company: The JOBS Act: Misconceptions And Motives Behind Crowdfunding For Startups
ComputerWorld: Tech chief says JOBS Act ‘renews faith’ in Washington
Wall Street Journal: Investors’ Prying Eyes Blinded by New Law
TIME: The JOBS Act Signing: A Giant Step for Entrepreneurship in America

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