Selected tweets – 4/22/12 – 4/29/12

Trying to keep up with all the articles and papers of interest is an impossible task. Trying to also share those with others is even more difficult. In the past I have attempted to simply list those papers I thought of interest on this blog without much commentary. But Twitter is has now evolved into a powerful tool for archiving and sharing links to articles and papers. So I have taken to tweeting material @IntangibleEcon that I would have posted on this blog. And I share blog postings by tweeting on them. To complete the circle, however, I need to share tweets with the blog. So, this week I am starting a new weekly blog posting of the selected tweets for the past week. I will not be all of my tweets for the week (and will not contain the tweets of the previous blog postings — that is too much like an infinite loop). It will contain those links which I would have previously tried to post here – but now tweet.
So, here is the first installment:
Last week’s selected tweets
27 Apr Day Marked By Initiatives On The Benefits Of IP, Open Technology Can we find the space between proprietary and open?
27 Apr Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future Revitalize a key in human capital formation
27 Apr China Digs It via @ForeignAffairs How China’s tech strategy and “rare earth” materials combine
27 Apr And look esp. at photo of smelting lanthanum in Inner Mongolia. High tech material processed in pre-industrial fashion
27 Apr How to replicate Silicon Valley in Washington Key intangible: relational capital!
27 Apr Take My BlackBerry–Please! First Palm then Blackberry; so how long with the iPhone’s ride last?
27 Apr
Publicizing science on the Hill “The Golden Goose Awards” Magic of science: you never know where it will lead . . .
27 Apr
… Even studies on the sex life of the screwworm:
25 Apr Stick to the Mail: Postal Reform Means Radical Cost Cutting, Not “Product Innovation” Disagree – USPS need to innovate
25 Apr RT @HarvardBiz – Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers Amount of effort customers make is key intangible, not extras.
25 Apr Crook: Conservatives Need Better Blueprint for New Economy “next economy is going to demand unaccustomed flexibility”
24 Apr Who Is America’s Top Job Creator? The Globalist Answer: Al Gore as key facilitator of commercial use of the Internet.
24 Apr Vodafone bids for Cable & Wireless| The Economist Buying only parts of the intangibles: customer list not brand
24 Apr
Tupac Hologram Rocks Coachella and IP Laws Article raises good point: who owns copyright of holographic performance.
23 Apr “@robatkinsonitif: Video up from ITIF’s Innovation Consensus 2013 conference:” Great event esp. discuss on intangibles
23 Apr Post Offices Face Hurdles in Efforts to Diversify Reason why Post Office is a dinosaur — Congress! Let USPS innovate!
23 Apr Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now Relations are a big intangible asset: here are some rule to follow . . .
23 Apr . . . especially the one about not talking business in the elevator, always surprises me – people have no clue as to who might be listening
23 Apr New breakthrough use of 3D printing? Drugs! Wow – that has all sorts of implications.
23 Apr Virginia Tech computers teach math: Successful machine-based education, is this the future?
22 Apr Classic case of building a new business on an intangible asset by selling what you know – NYTimes – Disney Institute:

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