The social era

Over in the Harvard Business Review there is a series of posting by Nilofer Merchant on how businesses can adapt to the “social era.” Worth reading:
Rules For the Social Era: Part 1 — How to get “800-pound gorillas of our day to act more like 800 gazelles — fast, nimble, and collaborative.”
Social Means Freedom, for Better or for Worse: Part 2 — “If you were going to design an organization from scratch today, what would you design for? And the answer is: nimbleness.”
Why Porter’s Model No Longer Works: Part 3 — Beyond the value chain, sort of: “Organizations can be in a constant conversation to learn what is working and what is not, and adapt on the fly.”
Why Social Marketing is So Hard: Part 4 — Old marketing paradigm was to funnel information to passive consumers; new social marketing is to engage in a conversation and relationship.
Stop Talking About Social and Do It: Part 5 — Action items: from paid to purpose-driven; from isolated organizations to communities; from centralized to distributed.
Some interesting insights — even if you don’t buy the whole thing. My favorite idea from the piece:

doesn’t this just mean the “800-pound gorilla” dies? Entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem who embody fast / fluid / flexible attributes certainly believe that the established players are fated to die. Many think of these big organizations as the dinosaurs of our time. But one can look at the history of dinosaurs and see that dinosaurs didn’t really die. Paleontologists have suggested that dinosaurs are all around us today actually, as birds.

In other words, it’s about transformation, not destruction.

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