Kodak patents: sell or license?

The answer to the question of whether Kodak is planning on selling or licensing their smartphone related patents is “yes”. According to court documents:

The Company anticipates substantial future revenue from licensing its intellectual property for use in smartphones and tablets that employ digital cameras, as well as in next-generation products that utilize Kodak technology, or from the disposition of related patents to third parties.

Note the emphasis I added on the word “or”. Kodak is clearly keeping its options open.
On the other hand, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal:

A syndicate led by Citigroup Inc. has offered to finance operations during the Chapter 11 proceeding, but set a June 30 deadline for Kodak to get rules for bidding on the company’s digital imaging patent portfolio on file with the court.

Sound pretty clear that there is going to be an auction.
The auction seem to be limited to the approximately 1100 patents involving digital photography. Kodak’s total IP portfolio, according to the documents, is “13,100 foreign patents and trademark registrations or pending registration in approximately 160 countries.” And “8,900 patent and trademark registrations and applications in the United States.” The court documents make it clear that Kodak is betting its future on the printing and related digital document processing business. Presumably that is where a significant portion of the “core” IP (which is not for sale) is located. I wonder whether the creditors will go after those patents if the smartphone related patents don’t bring in the anticipated $2 to $3 billion?

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