So who gets the intangibles?

Tomorrow the auction house of Heritage Global Partners (HPG) is starting the bidding for the assets of the bankrupt solar company Solyndra. The auction covers Solyndra’s high-tech research and manufacturing equipment as well as their office furniture, inventory of solar panels and spare parts/raw materials. In other words, much of their tangible assets. These are consider by the company and bankruptcy court as “non-core.” (FYI — documents related to the case are available on-line at
The question I asked in an earlier posting (Solyndra — who gets the IP?) seems to still be unanswered. And a related question — what are their IP assets — is also still unanswered. As I understand it, the company was supposed file their financial schedule of assets and liabilities yesterday.
In any event, it will be interesting to see how much the auction raises — and what percentage that is of the overall debt. The companies reportedly has secured debts of $783.8 million.
And for those of you looking to pick up some high-tech solar energy related tangible assets cheap, stay tuned. As the New York Times reports, there are a number of additional auctions coming up.

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