The IP marketplace

Keith McDowell has written a rundown of the intellectual property marketplace on his blog Go Forth and Innovate! — complete with a listing of various players and IP market platforms. This is a good place for anyone who want a overview.
Unfortunately, he falls into the normal trap of equating IP with “innovation.” Contrary to his phraseology, he is not writing about the “innovation marketplace” — but a very narrows subset of it. And while his supposed focus is on universities and innovation, he talks solely about technology transfer in the form of buying and selling IP. No discussion of all of the other forms of knowledge transfer and the important role of universities in that person to person process. Nor does the word “start-up” appear except in the context of start-ups as buyers of university IP. No discussion of the important role of universities as facilitators of start-ups.
I really don’t mean to pick on Dr. McDowell. He is an experienced technology transfer executive with much to teach us. But his comments reinforce an outdated and misguided paradigm. Yes, transfer of university IP is important. But let us not mistake that for the innovation marketplace.

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