Invention or creativity – the musical raisin box

Is a musical empty raisin box an invention? Or is it an example of creativity in the arts? Or does it even matter what we call it?
I vote for the latter. Too often we get hung up on labels. The biggest hang up is the innovation and invention has to be all about “high tech.” Sometimes, it is just about doing something a little different.
And one of the premier examples of doing something a little different is the Blue Man Group — the performance art group that got its start using plastic pipe as a drum. Now they are exciting the creativity and inventiveness of kids through there Invent an Instrument contest. One response is the musical empty raisin box (see this story in the Washington Post — Blue Man Group contest inspires instrumental invention).
I just hope he filed for the patent on this invention already — or his “output of the creative process” or what every we call it. comedy

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