Intangible assets in capital markets – new Athena article

As intellectual capital has become a valuable asset class, firms specializing in intangible-based financing are springing up, using them to raise capital for the next round of innovation. But unlike some of the exotic financial vehicles, these new firms are using traditional financial techniques in new ways to help innovative companies. Some of those new mechanisms for intangible-based financing are discussed in a new article by Ian Ellis and Kenan Patrick Jarboe “Intangible Assets in Capital Markets”.

Published in the May/June issue of IAM Magazine (subscription required — free trials available via registration), the material is take from our report Maximizing Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets: Case Studies in Intangible Asset Finance by Ian Ellis.

And see also our earlier paper in Issues in Science and Technology “Intangible Assets: Innovative Financing for Innovation”.

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