Quick takes

Here are some recent interesting articles:
Innovation in a Recession. Business Week’s Special Report on “How companies are finding creative ways to come up with new products and services faster and more efficiently–with fewer resources.”
Book Review: Learning from Apple’s Design Consultant. A look at a new book on design from Hartmut Esslinger founder of the industrial design firm Frog — complete with case studies.
How Washington Can Jumpstart Entrepreneurship – Washington Monthly Special Report. An interesting overview essay followed by articles on the areas of innovation policy focus of the Obama Administration: broadband, green tech, smart energy grid, and health care technology.
Effective Corporate Tax Reform in the Global Innovation Economy – Rob Atkinson, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. An unabashed advocacy for using tax policy as an industrial policy toll to promote innovation — including one of my favorite recommendations: the knowledge tax credit.
Creating a National Innovation Framework. Yet another call for an innovation policy — with a nice description of the various federal technology and financing programs.
Using Design to Drive Innovation – Business Week. This article argues that “Designers must deliver the orchestration of the total experience with a brand, product, or service or face irrelevancy.”
Bootstrapping High-Tech: Evidence from Three Emerging High Technology Metropolitan Areas – Brookings Institution. How cities without a major university can become high-tech nodes.
New Industry, New Jobs and Annual Innovation Report 2008. The UK’s plan for economic recovery and the latest update on their innovation policy.
The Pink Prescription: Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges Calls for Right-brain Thinking. An interview with the always insightful Dan Pink — including why doctors should study art.

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