A sign of the times or a leading indicator

Two bits on the demise of the magazine Portfolio.
Bruce Nussbaum’s take:

The closing of Conde Nast’s 2-year old monthly business magazine, Portfolio, proves his point. Portfolio was a lush, expensive paen to an era of big advertising budgets from big corporations spent on mass audiences. This era has been ending since the the technological innovation of web, Google and targeted advertising fused with a quick-quick, multiple tasking, attention-challenged culture of Gen Y. Maybe a decade ago?

Ed Yardeni’s take (from his list of 12 Reasons To Be (Economically) Optimistic):

Condé Nast has decided to shutter Portfolio after two years of struggle. The introduction of the glitzy magazine about Wall Street launched in the spring of 2007 marked the end of the bull market. Now its demise may mark the end of the bear market.

An interesting metric of both economics and publishing.


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