It all depends on your point of view

So, what is the biggest story in Washington right now? The economy, the stimulus package, foreign policy? No. Its ice. Specifically, it is about the President’s comments on how schools in the Washington area (because it is Maryland and Virginia suburbs that are often the problem).
Here is a sample of the competing headline:
Obama pokes fun at D.C. area’s reaction to snow
Icy Sidewalks Pose a Danger for Pedestrians.
The comments set off a minor flurry (pardon the pun) of activity. News camera’s were out on the street documented the danger and asking for opinions. There are editorials and opeds. The blogs are having a field (not a snow) day.
While this sounds like much to do about nothing, it is a reminder of the world that Barack Obama now inhabits. Every remark, every action, every gesture will be scrutinized.
And by the way, I would take issue with the reasoning behind the President’s remark. I was born in raised in Northern Michigan. Chicago was considered going south. The problem with Washington is that it doesn’t get snow like I was used to up north. Washington gets freezing rain and ice. In fact, everyone who cleared off their sidewalks when it was still snowing simply created an NHL quality ice rink on the bare sidewalk. They say all politics is local; so is all weather.
Mr. President, you’re not in Chicago anymore. Nor is your title “Senator.” Welcome to the biggest of the big leagues.
And welcome to Washington.
(By the way both the President and First Lady made a trip this morning to their daughters’ school — possibly to make amends for second guessing the school’s decision to close.)
PS –
As an email I got today shows, spring may be coming early to Northern Michigan: the deer are on the move.

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