High tech jobs

The AeA (formerly know as the American Electronics Association) has released a report on high tech jobs — Cybercities 2008:

* The leading metro areas by high-tech employment in 2006 were the New York Metro Area (316,500), Washington, DC (295,800), San Jose/Silicon Valley (225,300), Boston (191,700), and Dallas-Fort Worth (176,000).
* Seattle led the nation in net tech job creation in 2006, adding 7,800 jobs.
* The next largest net gains in tech employment between 2005 and 2006 occurred in the New York Metro Area and Washington, DC, adding 6,400 and 6,100 respectively.
* On a percentage basis, Riverside-San Bernardino saw the fastest job growth in 2006 at 12 percent.
* San Jose/Silicon Valley leads the nation in concentration of high-tech workers in 2006, with 286 high-tech workers per 1,000 private sector workers.
* Fifty-six cybercities had wage differentials higher than 50 percent and three cybercities – Austin, San Diego, and Sacramento – had differentials higher than 100 percent.

Of course, the New York Times technology blog had to gloat:

If you’re looking for a tech job in the United States, the best place to go is not Silicon Valley.
It’s New York.

The Wall Street Journal had a different take — High-Tech and Happening in Huntsville:

Huntsville actually ranks third in the nation for its “concentration” of tech workers, or the percentage of the private-sector workforce employed in high-tech. Nearly 19% of Huntsville workers toil in high tech, compared with nearly 29% in San Jose/Silicon Valley and 23% in Boulder, Colo.

Unfortunately, the full report costs $250 — beyond this blogger’s budget for such publications. But press releases with information on individual cities are available.

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