Example of cool design

As regular readers of this blog will note, I have often talked about the importance of design as a competitive edge. In that vein, I have to pass along this example of cool design (from GizMag – the magazine devoted to new gizmos — a great read for everyone like me who really is an engineering geek at heart).

Outdoor solar workstation:

If you are having trouble getting out of the office, maybe it’s time to get the office out. This funky, eco-friendly workspace by Mathias Schnyder is designed to be a calming haven where office dwellers or uni students can escape to the great outdoors.
The modular workstation comes equipped with a solar cell in the roof that can generate enough energy to power a notebook via an electric socket in the center of the table. The seating comprises different movable segments so people can sit next to each other or across from each other if they need privacy. Additionally, the seating design means users can reduce exposure to wind and sun.
Its materials and form mean this workstation would sit well in a city park (where it might be mistaken for playground equipment), office lawn or on a college campus – any urban outdoor setting really. No details yet on whether the design will see a commercial release, but any concept that combines fresh air, productivity and green energy deserves applause.

The perfect workspace for the I-Cubed Economy worker? One downside to all this, however. As the story relates, it is not yet in commercial release.

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