The changing organization

Check out James Surowiecki’s talk on the future of the organization (based on his book, the Wisdom of Crowds) — at Power: 2012: Online Only Video: The New Yorker. Going back to the Theory X versus Theory Y, he argues that too many organizations are still run on the command and control model. But, new organizational models are emerging where work is self-organized. While more traditional organizations are trying to utilize better motivation devices, this new non-hierarchy type of organization may be the wave of the future. This new self-organization model runs up against deep seated positive response to power and status — and our faith in leaders and experts. That faith is often misplaced as “deciders” end up in a situation where their self-confidence results in bad decisions. Reconciling these factors will determine how organizations are managed in the future.
Very interesting.
You might want to also look at the other discussion in the 2007 New Yorker Conference “2012: Stories from the Near Future”.

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