Update on Chrysler

Two articles on the future of Chrysler and design:
First, there is James Surowiecki latest column Car Trouble: Online Only: The New Yorker saying what many of us have been saying about Chrysler:

Cerberus, then, is going to have to do more than run a tight ship; it’s also going to have to figure out how to anticipate and react to fluctuations in consumer taste. That’s especially challenging in the auto industry, where change generally does not happen quickly: designing and building a new model takes years, retooling factories is complicated and expensive, and union contracts make it hard to shut down or trim back operations. In other industries, like steel, private-equity firms have restructured companies, cut back on (or, via bankruptcy, eliminated) pension and health-care obligations, and watched profits soar. But brand identity and cool design are not factors in the steel industry, so reducing costs and increasing production solves most problems.

And then there was this announcement in Business Week Shake-up at Chrysler Continues;

Following the recent acquisition of a majority stake in the Chrysler Group by Cerburus comes the announcement that there will be a reshuffling at Chrysler’s North American design offices. Joseph Dehner and Brandon Faurote will be taking over Vice President positions at the product design offices in Auburn Hills, replacing Thomas Tremont and David McKinnon.

Maybe something is happening? Or maybe not. Time will tell.

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