More patent news

And more on the patent front this morning . . .
The PTO revoked Genentech’s so-called “Cabilly II” patent on techniques for making monoclonal antibodies (see New York Times. This is the patent that was the subject of the MedImmune v. Genentech case recently decided by the Supreme Court. In that ruling, the Court allowed MedImmune to challenge the validity of the patent even though it was paying royalties to license the patent. The request for a PTO reconsideration can from a lawyer representing an anonymous client.

The Verizon – Vonage patent suit went to court. As the explains:

Verizon is accusing Vonage of infringing five patents, some related to features such as call forwarding, fraud detection and other technologies. Vonage denies the accusations and argues that the actual goal of the Verizon suit is to eliminate the Internet company, a growing competitor to Verizon’s landline phone business.

The case could help determine the future direction of VoIP phone service.

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