Short takes – 9-29-06

One of the great information resources the Internet Scout Report. Here are three items from today’s report which might be of interest:
The Global Technology Revolution 2020 [pdf]
The RAND Organization never shies away from complex or difficult questions,
and in one of their most recent publications, they have taken on a weighty
topic indeed. Released earlier this year, this report authored by a team of
experts addresses the ongoing technology revolution in a variety of sectors,
including biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology. In this
316-page work, the authors assess a sample of 29 countries across the
spectrum of scientific advancement with respect to their ability to
implement a number of key technology applications, including cheap solar
energy and wireless communications. Along with the work’s four primary
chapters, visitors can also make use of the eleven appendices, which include
explorations of related themes, such as technology and terrorism and leading
trends in information technology. [KMG]
An Agenda for Harnessing Globalization [pdf]
Getting a handle on what the phrase “globalization” means can be a bit like
trying to lasso a fast-moving cloud. Does globalization mean the cross-
pollination of different musical styles? Is it the vast geographical
expansion of major multinational corporations into remote locales? Well, of
course, it’s both of these things and quite a bit more. In a paper that
appeared in the Autumn 2006 edition of The Washington Quarterly, two
Brookings Institution colleagues articulated an agenda for harnessing the
power of globalization. In their 14-page work, Ashraf Ghani and Clare
Lockhart offer their own appraisal of globalization’s appeal (and potential
shortcomings) in terms of creating opportunity for many of the world’s
people. The paper will be of great interest to persons concerned with or
interested in substantial policy issues, political economy, and economic
development. [KMG]
Private Sector Development
The World Bank is perhaps one of the world’s premier organizations regarding
development opportunities, and they are widely recognized for their work in
the developing world. With this latest outing, they have created the Private
Sector Development (PSD) Blog, which is designed to be both quirky and
opinionated, qualities which are never in short supply as one wanders around
the web. Having said that, the site is rather erudite, as it provides
intelligent comments on topics that include disaster recovery, foreign
direct investment, and corporate governance. New users will want to browse
through some of the recent posts, and then perhaps look at the “Categories”
section on the left-hand side of the page for future explorations. As might
be expected, each post also contains links to external readings from a
diverse set of publications, such as the Financial Times and like-minded
ventures. [KMG]
From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2006.

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