Bloging and academia

Thanks to the New Economist for directing us to the ongoing debate over bloging and academia. In his posting on “Brad Delong, Daniel Drezner and Mark Thoma on blogging”, he excerpts pieces from the latest Chronicle of Higher Education: Can Blogging Derail Your Career?
He didn’t excerpt Brad DeLong summary of the role of bloging in academia and the intellectual debate.
Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: The Invisible College:

A great university has faculty members who do a great many things — teaching undergraduates, teaching graduate students, the many things that are “research,” public education, public service, and the turbocharging of the public sphere of information and debate that is a principal reason that governments finance and donors give to universities. Web logs may well be becoming an important part of that last university mission.

Amen. And maybe university administrators will some day understand that the communication of faculty thoughts is their greatest intangible assets. Apparently, they don’t yet understand that.

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