Champions of Innovation

Business Week has just released its 25 Champions Of Innovation:

Let’s welcome the Champions of Innovation. In an era when Six Sigma controls no longer guarantee competitive advantage, when outsourcing to China and India is universal, when creeping commoditization of products, services, and information hammers prices, innovation is the new currency of competition. It is the key to organic growth, the lever to widen profit margins, the Holy Grail of 21st century business.

Amen to that!. Now if we could only get our public policy in line with this new reality. For example, as BW points out:

They are different from others before them, polymath in skill (think an entire multidisciplinary team in one person), “bipolar” in thinking (using both the left and right brain in framing problems), and eclectic in education (dual math and art majors, English lit and MBA degrees).

So, where are the education programs in the current competitiveness bills to foster the next generation of these Masters of Innovation?

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