Auditioning for a trademark

This quick note from the world of trademarks. ‘Juan Valdez’ is hanging up his poncho – Yahoo! News:

Juan Valdez is retiring. Long live Juan Valdez! The ambassador to the world for Colombian coffee, Carlos Sanchez, is hanging up his trademark poncho after four decades of playing the role of “Juan Valdez.”
Now the national federation of Colombian coffee producers, owners of the Juan Valdez trademark, is searching for a man to inherit that poncho.
Sanchez and his trusty mule Conchita have promoted Colombian coffee since 1969 with a leather bag, bushy mustache and straw hat typical of rural Colombia. That Juan Valdez trademark has become one of the world’s most recognizable, and the fictional figure has become one of the most famous Colombians of all time.
. . .
In searching for a replacement, the federation sent teams across the streets, farms and — of course — cafes in the coffee region in the west of the country. With the help of U.S. consultants, they narrowed down 400 contenders to 10. It will announce the new Juan Valdez, the third incarnation, by the end of June.
“Of course he must have a mustache,” joked Gabriel Silva, the general manager of the federation. Sanchez nodded in approval and stroked his own impressive mustache.
“This is not a beauty contest,” said Silva.
This was quickly confirmed when images of the casting call showed dozens of mustached men, some with notable paunches, doing their impressions of Juan Valdez.

Anyone out there interested in the role? Better act quickly – it is not often you get the chance to be a living legend.

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