Holiday Greetings – and see you next year

This is the time of year when Americans from a variety of faiths, beliefs and cultures pause for celebration. As this blog takes a break for the holidays, let us reflect on one of our most important intangibles assets.
Many people talk about the freedoms that we Americans enjoy. Among these is freedom of religion. We are free to live our lives according to our own personal beliefs. But freedom of religion also means freedom from others attempting to impose their religious beliefs and practices on us. We should have the freedom to practice those beliefs in an environment of tolerance and respect for our beliefs, just as we tolerate and respect the beliefs of others.
The motto of the United States is “e pluribus unum” – “from many, one.” One can also say it means, “from diversity, strength.” This time of celebration is a time to honor our diversity and take strength from it.
So, to a diverse America, let me wish you a Merry Christmas, Joyous Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Festive Solstice, and Happy Holidays for whatever you choose to celebrate.
(or according to the Dallas Morning News – Merry Chrismukkah)
And may you always have the right to choose what and how you wish to celebrate.
From Santa’s friend:
Santa 2005-2.JPG
See you in the New Year.
(and for those of you still looking for the true spirit of the holidays – let me direct your attention to this (spoof) from the advertising firm of Sedgwick Road)

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