Just the beginning of the connected world

It seems like every day we are bombarded with news about the latest in connecting our world (can’t say “wiring our world” any more since some of it is wireless). Blackberries and Palms will soon talk to one another. WiMax is replacing WiFi, making “hot spots” an anachronism. (What will all those coffee shops do?) Broadband will be available everywhere over power lines.
From all appearances, the always-connected world is rapidly approaching.
This constant connectivity is having its impact, as CNN reports in Wireless technology changing work and play

The eroding distinction between work and play is one of the many paradoxes at the heart of our increasingly wireless world.

That is an issue that human beings have always faced – expect for the brief period of the factory-age. The 9 to 5 job somewhere distant from the home is a recent phenomenon. Before, people always balanced work and play – because both work and play were ever present in their daily lives, not something that one did in one place and something one did over someplace else.
In the connected world, we are simply returning to the older pattern.
And the solution to the eroding distinction? It is called an “off” switch.

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