A scary statement:

Only about half of this year’s high school graduates have the reading skills they need to succeed in college, and even fewer are prepared for college-level science and math courses, according to a yearly report from ACT, which produces one of the nation’s leading college admissions tests.
The report, based on scores of the 2005 high school graduates who took the exam, some 1.2 million students in all, also found that fewer than one in four met the college-readiness benchmarks in all four subjects tested: reading comprehension, English, math and science.

(from Many Going to College Aren’t Ready, Report Finds – New York Times)
How can the United States prosper in the I-Cubed Economy when half the college-bound high-school graduates don’t have the reading skills necessary for college? In addition, not all high school graduates take the ACT in preparation for college. But almost all high school graduates will need some form of training and education beyond high school. If the college-bound student are doing poorly, these non-college tracked students must really be in trouble.
And so are we.

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