The perils of instant information

This was the view from the Wall Street Journal’s “Marketplace” page on the website at 10 am today:
Left side of the screen, story saying “Stocks are likely to gain early Thursday, as traders consider a bigger-than-expected decline in jobless claims, a restructuring at GE and merger deals.”
Right side of the screen: stock chart showing the opening lower than yesterday’s close and heading even lower.
I’m not picking on the Journal — I’m just pointing out the problems of reporting in the age of instant information. It would be difficult for the news page of the Journal’s website to keep up with very tick of the Dow. If I wanted real-time analysis, I would probably tune into one of the financial cable channels. Even with the boost that the Internet has given to the written word (via websites, blogs, etc.), there is still nothing like live reporting for fast moving stories.

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