Managing the US Brand

Last night, the AP released its poll of consumer’s preference for American goods in nine countries. The results contain some mixed news. Most Europeans prefer not to buy US goods, if the price and quality were similar. In most cases, their preferences for US goods has declined slightly since the last survey was taken in December of 2001 (after 9-11 and before the Iraqi war) – except for the case of the French who disliked our goods as much now as they did before. On the other hand, the Mexicans prefer American goods and the South Koreans appear to be ambivalent. And in Britian, France, and Italy, younger consumers are more likely to prefer US goods than older consumers. Not suprisingly, 93% of Americans would rather buy American products if the price and quality were the same.


One thought on “Managing the US Brand”

  1. When my brother lived in Italy twenty years ago, all the trendy young people wore American bluejeans, but they were brands he had never heard of. The name Mustang came to mind. I suspect they were not in fact produced in the U.S.


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